How does GDPR effect Opt Ins?

Can you believe it? It's already been one month since the new GDPR regulations came into effect! How has it been going for all of you amazing info-marketers out there?  

One of the biggest concerns about GDPR was that it would make lead magnets less useful for people running online businesses.  It's too soon to tell how that is going to play out, but let's at least make sure the new GDPR compliant processes are as clear as possible.   

Are you trying to understand how the GDPR regulations will affect your list sign up process?  

Do you know how to make sure your subscribers get the content they were promised?  

Simplero breaks it down.


GDPR Opt In.png


We would love to hear about the choices you've made, the lessons you have learned, and any tips or strategies you would suggest that other people use too.  


Nice flowchart :-) Like it!

By Tue Olesen on Tue, Jun 26, 18 at 05:41 · Reply

I'm glad you like it!  

By Beth Barr-Jobson Staff on Tue, Jun 26, 18 at 16:44 · Reply

Nice flowchart! Very simple and informative!

I have a lot of subscribers that have said no to GDPR, so they are lost. Bummer. Will have to build something into the lead magnet so they are inspired to come back and sign up for real this time...

By Anders Rønnau on Tue, Jun 26, 18 at 09:12 · Reply

Thanks!  And yes, that sounds like an excellent plan! 

By Beth Barr-Jobson Staff on Tue, Jun 26, 18 at 16:44 · Reply

My concerne about it is ... are they in fact asked to give gdpr consent? or are they asked to consent marketing?

Cause, it does not make sense to say no to gdpr .. however, if they are asked about marketing, as the form shows - then the subsribers not giving gpdr might not even be awere they are actually saying no to all future communication

By Anja Busack on Tue, Jun 26, 18 at 09:52 · Reply

Well you have to make it very clear WHAT they are consenting to with explicit, granular details.

By Nicola Bird on Tue, Jun 26, 18 at 10:09 · Reply

Exactly what Nicola said!  You can use whatever phrasing will appeal to your audience the most in the GDPR consent portion of your opt in. 

By Beth Barr-Jobson Staff on Tue, Jun 26, 18 at 16:48 · Reply