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How Much Does It Cost To Make a Membership Site, Anyway?

One of our members, Kasim Aslam, shares his experience with our features. 

In Simplero, you can create a fully functioning membership site for just $99 a month.  Less if you pay annually.

And you can build your list, nurture your leads and design your membership site for just $29 a month.

light bulb.jpgIt's a steal, people.  Especially when you consider what you would need to pay to do the same thing by patching together a bunch of other applications and plug ins if you create your...

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Our 5 Best Tips to Make Your Membership Site a Smashing Success

1. Be Authentic

Whatever your niche is, people are buying your products and enrolling in your programs because they feel some type of connection with you. Whether your niche is personal or business coaching, teaching yoga, ad strategy or how to draw, you have a unique opportunity to share your gift with your customers on a personal level.

What sets you apart from any other course out there on the market is YOU!  Be authentic in your sharing and weave that magic into your course. We...

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Belly Breathing

Every once in a while, we get support tickets with subject lines or messages in ALLCAPS and with lots of exclamation points.

shutterstock_171308849.2.jpgSomething along the lines of:

Subject: “IT’S NOT WORKING!!!!!”

It is clear that the writer is pretty stressed out.

I’ve been there too.  I bet we all have.  And it’s no fun. 

When we are feeling that way, we are usually too upset to communicate effectively about what is not working.  Which means it takes longer for...

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